Monday, December 22, 2008

152 insights

Seeing as I am only on my fortieth post, I have made the decision that I shall end at 152, as I jokingly considered at the onset of this venture. Of course, since it has taken me nearly a year and a half to get just over a fourth of that number, I guess I won't being discontinuing the blog any time soon.

Still, this number gives me a goal to shoot for, an end to anticipate, an inevitably anticlimactic moment to await. Maybe I'll even give away a "You've Got Mail" gift basket to mark the occasion. I'm already planning it:

                • the movie, of course
                • the soundtrack
                • a copy of Pride and Prejudice with a scarlet rose
                • Boy, by Roald Dahl
                • a pop-up dinosaur book
                • hot tea and a mug
                • a small Starbucks gift card
                • Echinacea and Vitamin C
                • Tic-Tacs
                • Scotch tape
                • a bouquet of sharpened pencils
                • daisies or daisy-themed items
                • a box of Kleenex
                • an embroidered handkerchief
                • Anne of Green Gables
                • Blue, by Joni Mitchell, on which "River" appears
                • "twinkle lights" and funky ornaments
                • a mango
                • a Clark bar
                • a lone reed
                • an "I ♥ NY" item
                • a dollar
                • the Shoe books by Noel Streatfeild, except for The Skating Shoes (It really is out of print, and you won't believe how much it costs on Amazon.*)
Okay, so this basket is getting really huge and expensive, but it may be years away, right? Perhaps I'll have married my rich old man by then. Tell me, fellow diehard fans, have I left anything important out? I mean, that's affordable and small? Cans of olive oil are too big, and caviar is, of course, out of the question!

Update: The Skating Shoes is back in print, so that old Amazon link takes you to a paperback for $6.99. Yay!